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Braided and sheated tube

TPE tube with stainless steel braid and PVC sheath


Description : PLASTUB offers its range of TUBOL® STIP, EPDM polymer tube, braided stainless steel and covered with a transparent PVC PLASTUB® GS sheath. This product will meet the most stringent requirements for the transfer of compressed air or lubricant under pressure. TUBOL® STIP is popular in the fields of maintenance, regulation and instrumentation for the durability of its performance and for its chemical compatibility. This product can be offered in the form of hoses with crimped fittings. On stock we have the TUBOL® STGP with galvanised steel braid.
Options (consult us) : • Other diameters
• Other packaging
• Surface marking
• Other braids
• Hoses fitted with crimped connectors
• Other qualities of interior tubes
• Other qualities of external sheaths


General characteristics : • Good resistance to oils and gases
• Very flexible
• Smooth external surface
• Resistance to pressure
Temperature of use : -20 to +70°C
Sheath : PLASTUB® GS crystal
Braid : AISI 304 stainless steel
Recommended connection : Nipple with lug clamp or band clamp
Range width : 4 x 8.3 mm to 8 x 12.8 mm


TUBOL® STIP Braided and sheated tube

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