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Silicone elastomer extruded tubes

Flexible and elastic, food grade, high temperature, chemically inert and biologically neutral, excellent weather resistance, can be sterilised in autoclave
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PLASTUB is an ISO 9001-certified subsidiary of the OMERIN Group that is a renowned extrusion specialist in the production of silicone elastomer tubes and hoses. Its SILITUBE® range of silicone extruded tubes comprises products with numerous properties: high flexibility, excellent elasticity, food-grade, resistance to high temperatures up to 200°C, sterilisable, high resistance to aggressive fluids, alcohols and acids, chemically inert, resistance to dynamic fatigue, water-repellent and excellent resistance to the elements and UV rays. Our silicone tubes are used in numerous applications, including the transport of food-grade liquids, alcohols and pressurised acids. PLASTUB also makes silicone elastomer extruded insulating sleevings, rods and profiles. In addition to its offer of standard products, PLASTUB also designs made-to-measure products that meet the varied needs and requirements of its customers.


Silicone elastomer extruded tubes

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