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Find out more about our food-grade thermoplastic, silicone and special polymer extruded tubes designed for the agrifoods sector.
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PLASTUB is an ISO 9001-certified subsidiary of the OMERIN Group and is a renowned extrusion expert in the agrifoods sector. We offer a comprehensive range of food-grade extruded products: PLASTUB® flexible thermoplastic tubes made of PVC, PEBD, PEHD and PEX, SILITUBE® extra-flexible tubes and hoses, ELASTUB® flexible and semi-rigid tubes made of special polymers to transport fluids (TPE and fluoropolymers) and TUBOL® reinforced tubes used to transport compressed air, enable us to meet the needs of most applications. Our products are developed and produced to be fit for contact with foodstuff liquids and products (tubes made of materials homologated by the FDA and ACS-certified products - finished products compliant with the European Regulation 1935/2004). Market players recognise their flexibility, light weight and food-grade quality. See below for more technical information about our different product categories, product references and documentation.

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