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Rods, cords and profiles

Made of thermoplastics, silicone or special polymers. Flexible or semi-rigid to meet your most specific requirements.
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PLASTUB, a subsidiary of the OMERIN Group, proposes a broad choice of extrusion solutions for plastic, silicone or special polymer rods, cords and profiles. These products can be characterised by their structure that is built using a solid single material. They can be flexible or rigid, depending on the need and their use. Find out more about our PLASCORD®, SILFORM® and PLASFORM® ranges and their numerous advantages: extra-flexible, flexible or semi-rigid, economical, recyclable, low friction coefficient, resistance to high temperatures, inextensible, food-grade, excellent resistance to the elements, numerous colours, numerous profile shapes: U-shaped, square, rectangular, welted, flat belt, etc. Our staff is available to design the products that meet your most specific needs. Contact us for more information.

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