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Made-to-measure production of special multi-tubes

The MULTI-VX® is a hybrid made-to-measure product made up of different parts: tubes, cables, rods, reinforcing fibres, etc.
Download our MULTI-VX® datasheet


The MULTI-VX® is a specific assembly of several parts: tubes, electrical or traction cables, rods, reinforcing fibres, pre-split wire, optical fibre, shielding, etc. The exterior sleeving of the product is made on demand, according to the environment and requirements for the use of the product. Special multi-tubes are mainly used to transport compressed air and control signals in maintenance, control and instrumentation applications.

Main characteristics:

  • Helical assembly of the different parts: optimised curve radius and flexibility
  • Simplification and shorter assembly time of the cables
  • Made-to-measure products that meet your precise needs

PLASTUB also designs and produces MULTITUBE® STD multi-tubes consisting of two to nineteen polyamide extruded tubes with PVC over-sleeves.

Examples of special multitubes


12 PLASTUB ® HDPE tubes Ø4x6 clear + 1 telecoms pair, assembled with PLASTUB ® PVC33 black sheath, stainless steel braid, PLAS- TUB ® PVC42 black sheath


1 PLASTUB® PA tube Ø6x8 translucent + 1 ELASTUB® PFA tube Ø4x6 tube crystal + 1 ELASTUB® PFA tube Ø2x4 crystal, assembled, PLASTUB® GR grey spiral sheath


2 PLASTUB® PA tubes Ø4x6 + 3 PLASTUB® PA tubes Ø2.7x4 + 1 PLASCORD® 33 rod Ø6, assembled with PLASTUB® PVC33 black round sheath