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Tubes, Sleevings and profiles

Manufacturer of extruded and braided products covering a vast array of applications in highly diverse industries
Extruded and braided products

Solutions for your field of activity

Our technical expertise and know-how in extruded and braided products: tubes, reinforced hoses, multi-tubes, twin-tubes, pneumatic composites, sleevings, profiles and rods for standard or specific conditions. Agrifoods, automotive, railways, chemicals, household appliances and healthcare are just some of the sectors that benefit from our know-how.


A broad range of extruded products

Discover our complete range of extruded products developed and manufactured by PLASTUB: extruded thermoplastic, TPE, fluoropolymer and silicone elastomer sleevings and tubes, extruded tubes with braid reinforcement, covered metal tubes, pneumatic twin-tubes and multi-tubes and specific assemblies of different parts, rods, cords and profiles.


High flexible silicone extruded tubes

Very flexible, SILITUBE® tubes have many advantages: elastic, food grade, resistant to high temperature, can be sterilised... and are used in many fields

Metallic pneumatic tubes with reinforcing sheath

Copper tubes or formed aluminium foil tubes with reinforcing sheath, TUBOL® hoses are perfectly adapted for transport of compressed air, luirfiant under pressure

Pneumatic PVC sheathed polyamide multitubes

MULTITUBE® will save space, reduce the overall installation cost and offer protection to the individual tubes. High flexibility, an optimised bending radius and colour identification are its main benefits

Special Multitubes acc. to customer specifications

MULTI-VX® Specific assemblies of different elements in one product: electric or traction cables, rods, reinforcing fibres, pre-split wire, optical fibre, shielding etc.

High flexible silicone extruded profiles

The exceptional flexibility of SILFORM® and its food-grade properties enable it to be used in the most demanding sectors, such as healthcare, agrifoods, laboratories and cosmetics, in particular.

Thermoplastic extruded tubes

The PLASTUB® tubes made of PVC, PA, PE and PU are available in different versions: extra-flexible, food-grade, ATEX, hydrocarbon-resistant, etc. Used in numerous sectors and applications

Flexible special polymer extruded tubes

ELASTUB® tubes, which are designed for severe environments, offer numerous exceptional properties: resistance to abrasion, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to high temperatures, etc.

Extruded tubes with textile or metallic reinforcing braid

The STARFLEX®, SILITUBE® and TUBOL® tubes, which are reinforced by braids and/or sleeving, offer numerous advantages: flexibility, food-grade, resistance to pressure, chemical and mechanical resistance

Thermoplastic rods and cords

Built using a solid single material structure, the PLASCORD® rods and cords offer numerous advantages: extra-flexible, flexible or semi-rigid, economical and recyclable, with a low friction coefficient.