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Rail Industry

Find out more about our insulating sleevings and other extruded products with enhanced resistance to fire / smoke that are specially designed for railway infrastructures and rolling stock.
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PLASTUB is a subsidiary of the OMERIN Group specialised in the extrusion of plastics and elastomers. With our ISO 9001 certification, we are a reactive partner who listens closely to your needs. Find out more about our SILITUBE® GSI811 insulating sleeving designed specially for the railway sector. This silicone elastomer extruded sleeving offers improved resistance to fire / smoke. The mix used to make this sleeving for railway applications is I2 - F1-certified, as per NF F 16-101 and STM-S-001/C. This insulating sleeving is flexible, elastic, resistant to very high temperatures, resistant to the elements, water-repellent and anti-adhesion. In addition to this product, we also make metal braided hoses to convey aggressive liquids, gas, oil and grease, plus our SILITUBE® X fire-proof sleeving, designed for the thermal protection of harnesses or ducts. Finally, the OMERIN Group also supplies railway cables and electrical tracing solutions to customers in the railway sector.

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