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Manufacturer of sleevings, tubes, low-pressure hoses, multi-tubes, profiles and rods

Since 40 years

A proven expertise in extrusion

Since 1983, PLASTUB has been producing tubes, braided hoses, multi-tubes, pneumatic composites, sleevings, profiles and rods for standard or specific conditions.

PLASTUB proposes a wide range of high-performance products covering a vast array of applications in highly-diverse industries, such as household appliances, cabling, paramedical, agrifoods, automotive and industrial vehicles, petrochemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, railway construction, chemicals, electro-mechanical and electro-thermal engineering, etc.


A complete range

  • PLASTUB®Thermoplastic extruded sleevings and tubes
  • ELASTUB®Special polymer extruded sleevings and tubes
  • SILITUBE®Silicone elastomer extruded sleevings and tubes, with or without reinforcing brai
  • STARFLEX®: Thermoplastic or special polymer extruded tubes with textile, galvanised or stainless steel reinforcing braid.
  • TUBOL® Copper, aluminium, thermoplastic or special polymer tubes, with thermoplastic sheaths, with or without reinforcing braid, for compressed air delivery.
  • BITUBE®Two parallel tubes assembled with outer sheath for compressed air delivery.
  • MULTITUBE®Assembly and outer sheath of tube-rods for compressed air delivery.
  • MULTI-VX®:  Specific assemby concept and design of diferent tube, electrical cable elements etc..
  • SILIGAINE®: Braided fibeglass or textile thread sleevings, with or without coating.
  • PLASCORD®Thermoplastic or special polymer extruded rods and cords.
  • PLASFORM®: Thermoplastic or special polymer extruded profiles
  • SILFORM®Silicone elastomer extruded rods and profiles

Development of extruded and braided products for your specific applications

As an expert in extrusion, PLASTUB helps its customers to design and develop new products for their specific applications and uses in particular environments. Thanks to our command of extrusion and braiding processes, and our knowledge of the transformation and behaviour of more than one hundred different materials, we are a proactive player in the definition of made-to-measure products designed to meet even the most complex needs and constraints: 

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Aggressive chemical environments
  • Specific mechanical stresses or movements
  • Enhanced resistance to fire / smoke
  • Transfer of miscellaneous liquids or gases
  • Confined spaces / miniaturisation
  • And many more...

Men and women at your service

The technical expertise of our teams is at your disposal, providing responses and solutions to all your requirements.

Our Methods, Quality and Research and Development Departments work permanently together with the aim of constantly improving our products and processes.

All our staff subscribe to this approach with their involvement and constant self-checking at all stages of production.

For any further question related to our products and its applications, a project planning or a non-binding quote, please feel free to contact our sales department on +33 (0)4 73 82 44 36 or by email at


PLASTUB is a subsidiary of the international OMERIN Group and benefits from the dynamism of its 1,700 employees.