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Miscellaneous industries

Find out more about all our tubes, sleevings and profiles that meet the varied requirements of industry and its specific applications.
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The world of industry is diverse and complex, which is the reason why PLASTUB, an expert in the extrusion of plastics and elastomers, has been helping industrial manufacturers to design products for their specific applications for more than 40 years. Our very broad range of PLASTUB® / ELASTUB® / SILITUBE® extruded tubes, SILIGAINE® extruded or braided sleevings, TUBOL® sleeved tubes or STARFLEX® braided tubes and SILFORM® / PLASFORM® / PLASCORD® profiles and rods, enables us to cater for the needs, uses and mechanical, thermal and chemical constraints of our customers. In addition to our standard offer, our command of the extrusion / co-extrusion / braiding processes, plus the selection and knowledge of the materials that we transform, enable us to design customised and made-to-measure products for use in severe and special environments. PLASTUB also offers subcontracting services for the covering / over-sleeving / braiding of your products. Feel free to contact us about your requirements.

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