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Tarpaulins, sails, canvases, blinds

Find out more about all our rods and profiles designed to tighten or retain your products, designed specially for the manufacturers of tarpaulins and canvases.
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PLASTUB is a subsidiary of the OMERIN Group that produces rods, cords and profiles made of thermoplastics, silicone and other special polymers, that have been developed specially for manufacturers of tarpaulins, canvases, sails and blinds. These products are built using a solid single material and can be either flexible or rigid, depending on the needs and uses. Find out more about our PLASCORD®, SILFORM® and PLASFORM® ranges and the multiple advantages they offer! Very flexible, flexible or semi-rigid, economic, recyclable with a low friction coefficient, resistant to high temperatures, non-extensible, food-grade, with improved resistance to the elements, a broad range of colours and numerous profile shapes (U-shaped, square, rectangular, welted, flat belt, etc.). Our team is on hand to help you design a product that meets your most specific requirements. Contact us for more information.

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