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PVC tube

79 Shore A Food grade crystal


Description : PLASTUB, a specialist in extruded flexible PVC tubing, offers its range of PLASTUB® PVC23. Its hardness of 79 Shore A allows it great flexibility and versatility. Its crystal appearance gives it very interesting aesthetic qualities, especially for the decoration and the transfer of fluids without pressure. Phthalate-free and economical, it resists acids, bases and other detergents very well. Present in agri-food, laboratory, aquaria… This food grade polyvinyl chloride tube can be packaged in rolls, on spools or cut in lengths. On request, it can be adapted to your most precise needs: markings, specific colors, anti-UV and antibacterial…
Options (consult us) : • Other diameters
• Other solid colours
• Cut to lengths
• Other packaging
• Surface marking
• Additives: Anti-UV, antibacterial etc.
• Pre-cut rolls
• Pre-split versions
• Braided versions


General characteristics : • Flexible, economic, versatile
• Wide range of colours
• Good resistance to acids,
bases and detergents
• Recyclable
• Phtalate-free
Temperature of use : -30 to +50°C
Nominal hardness : 84 Shore A as per ISO R 868
Nominal density : 1.25 as per ISO 1183
Tensile strength : >17 Mpa as per ISO R 527
Elongation at break : >280 % as per ISO R 527
Standard colour : Cristal
Recommended connection : Nipple with lug clamp or band clamp
Range width : 2 x 4 mm to 47 x 55 mm
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